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About Us

Two friends and a vision

Way back in 1993, the doors to the very first Esquires store were opened in North America – the vision of two friends who wanted to serve their small community with a welcoming, specialist coffee house.

It’s a vision that’s spread across the globe, and keeps on growing! Today, people from Durham to Dubai visit our coffee houses to enjoy the vibrant, comfortable atmosphere. And despite the varied countries and cultures we operate in, the Esquires brand remains consistent and proud to offer exceptional service, delicious food and organic coffee, ground fresh for each cup.

We’re proud to provide welcoming spaces where our customers can relax – whether providing a place to meet, socialise or unwind, (with free WiFi and the latest magazines and newspapers!)

We’re proud of our commitment to superb service, fresh food and beautifully made beverages. All our staff are trained to the highest standards of customer service and beverage preparation.

We’re proud to serve 100% certified organic Fairtrade beans as our house blend, and help hard-working growers across the world build better lives for themselves and their families.

We’re proud to assist worthy charities and community groups to raise much-needed funds in every country, city, town and district with an Esquires store.

And last but not least, we’re proud to take great coffee seriously!

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Our Team

The Esquires team has been carefully selected based on their expertise, reputations and commitment to doing the best job possible – for customers, franchisees, staff and growers.

Keith Jackson person photo

Keith Jackson

Executive Chairman

Craig Brown person photo

Craig Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Doug Williamson person photo

Doug Williamson

Managing Director – United Kingdom

Tony McVerry person photo

Tony McVerry

Managing Director – Ireland

Ellen Zhang person photo

Ellen Zhang

Managing Director – China

Michelle Brick  person photo

Michelle Brick

Managing Director – Canada

John MacDonald person photo

John MacDonald

Design and Brand Management

Chris Joseph person photo

Chris Joseph

General Manager/ International Franchise Operations

Shane Moates person photo

Shane Moates

GM Markets & Channels