Our Beverages

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Our beverages

We have a wide variety of delicious beverages

We offer a wide variety of delicious beverages to suit all tastes – from espresso shots to fluffies!

Each and every item on our drinks menu has been carefully crafted using fresh, top-quality ingredients. We grind our certified organic Fairtrade coffee fresh for every cup using the latest in barista technology – resulting in a distinctive full-bodied, rich taste with exceptional smoothness.

Our House Blends


Visit the Organic & Fairtrade page for more information about our coffee.

Our menu

Our menu varies slightly from country to country – but typically, in addition to coffee we also offer:

  • A range of the finest loose leaf teas, hand-picked and perfectly blended for a delightful uplifting experience.
  • Hot chocolate and chai lattes.
  • Soy (soya) milk.
  • Iced beverages including milkshakes, frappes, smoothies, fruit drinks, iced teas and iced chocolates.
  • Fluffies/Minichinos for children.
  • A range of wines, liqueurs and special coffees (selected stores only).

Today’s café experience demands a premium beverage selection accompanied by the very best available fresh food offering.

Esquires has carefully developed a selection of food that exceeds the expectation of the most critical consumer and has carefully integrated this offering into each country, observing local tastes and preferences.