French Press

Easy to brew and super consistent, the Plunger or French Press is very reliable. Its classic and well-engineered design hasn’t changed much since its invention in 1929, and it’s perfect for making multiple cups of heavy-bodied coffee in 4 minutes.

What you need

Grinder (if using beans), Plunger (French Press), Spoon, Scale, Timer, Water (just off boiling), Coffee (15g per 250ml cup), Mug

Let’s brew

1.Warm empty plunger with hot water. This helps maintain the temperature while brewing for best extraction.

2.Bring water to the boil. Measure and grind your coffee - it should be coarse like breadcrumbs.

3.Measure out your ground coffee – we use 15g (1 ½ heaped dessertspoons) per 250ml cup.

4.Discard the hot water from your plunger, put the ground coffee into the plunger, and then fill halfway with nearly boiling water, saturating all the grounds – make sure there are no dry spots . Remember to start your timer as soon as you add the hot water. 

5.At the 1 minute mark, use a spoon to ‘break’ the top layer. Give it a good stir.

6.Fill to the top with nearly boiling water. Put the top on (but don’t press it down yet), and let the coffee brew.

7.At 4 minutes on the timer, you are ready to plunge. Firmly push the press all the way down.

8.Your coffee is ready. Pour the coffee immediately to avoid over extraction. If the coffee sits on the grounds too long it continues to extract, resulting in bitter coffee.